11 May, 2015

人 - 入 - 八

人 入 八 spot the difference

means "to enter", "to go into". Its pictogram resembles an arrowhead. In print, to distinguish from pay attention to the hook at top left. 

means "a man". Therefore, its pictogram resembles human's legs. Though in print, the modern form of the character has symmetric legs, its ancient version depicted a man with arms and asymmetric legs. 

- How to distinguish from in handwriting?
- In
the right leg is shorter; in the right leg is longer. 

is composed of two strokes: 丿 and . These two bent lines are believed to signal "division". Of all single-digit numbers, 8 can be divided by 2 the greatest number of times. 

人, 入, 八 As Radicals

All these characters are radicals. In dictionaries, the most commonly used characters, found under radical, are and . The radical is often simplified to . It exists in many characters: 什, 仃, 㐰, 仔, 㐸, etc. 

is frequently simplified to . The following Chinese characters can be found under 八 (丷) radical: 公, 分, 并, 兵, 第.

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