18 May, 2015

Radical 宀 ("Roof")

is called 宝盖 (bǎo gài) in Chinese and is often referred to as the "roof" radical in English. It is a meaning element related to "house". The pinyin is mián (mian2). As a radical, it always appears on the top of the character. Here are some examples of Chinese characters containing 

chinese characters with "roof" radicals

House is regarded as a good, safe place, so the following characters contain , too: 
– ān – peaceful, quiet 
– dìng – stable, steady 

NOTE: Please note the difference between  and radicals! 
E. g., in these two commonly used character  is a radical – not :
– kōng; kòng – empty, vacant / to have spare time 
– chuāng – window 

Chinese words containing characters with  radical 

246 characters are found under this radical in the standard Chinese Kangxi Dictionary. They are present in many words related to house (place of living). 
家庭  jiā tíng – family, household 
家具 – jiā jù – furniture 
家务 – jiā wù – household duties 
卧室 – wò shì – bedroom 
浴室 – yù shì – bathroom 
宅子 – zhái zi – residence 
故宫 – gù gōng – Gugong (the Former Palace in Beijing) 
宿舍 – sù shè – dormitory 
公寓 – gōng yù – block of flats

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