14 May, 2015

Words With 单

In the article about Chinese negative prefixes, it was already mentioned that Mandarin Chinese is rarely described as a language having prefixes. However, (dān) is a good example of a meaningful morphem that has very strong word-building ability. As a prefix, it usually means “one-”, “mono-”, ”uni-”, “single”, etc. 

These are some commonly used words beginning with

单 As Prefix

More examples:

单个儿 – dān gèr – alone 
单独 – dāndú – alone, independent, separate 
单行道 – dān xíng dào – one-way street 
单程票 – dān chéng piào – one-way ticket 
单打一 – dān dǎ yī – to concentrate on one thing only 
单轨 – dān guǐ – monorail 
单调 – dān diào – monotonous 
单打 – dān dǎ – singles (in sport) 
单称 – dān chēng – singular 
单音词 – dān yīn cí – monosyllabic word 
单词 – dān cí – single word 
单放 – dān fāng – to put separately 
请把这本书单方! - qǐng bǎ zhè běn shū dān fāng - Please keep this book in a separate place! 

Other Possible Meanings of 单 

as a prefix can also mean “odd”: 
单数 – dān shù – odd number 
Another possible meaning is “simple” (“not complex”): 
单句 – dān jù – simple sentence 
can also stand for “list”: 
单子– dān zi – list 
菜单 – cài dān – menu

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