08 January, 2016

Chinese "Red And Green Bags" Riddle

Chinese Riddle 

红口袋, 绿口袋, 有人怕, 有人爱。 
hóng kǒu dài, lǜ kǒu dài, yǒu rén pà, yǒu rén ài. 
Red bags, green bags, some people are afraid of them, some people like them. 

口袋 (kǒu dài) means "a pocket" (but in this case it is translated into English as "a bag", "a sack").

Try to guess what it is! 

The answer is  辣椒 - là jiāo - hot pepper - острый перец

The vast majority of Chinese people love to eat spicy food, and a hot pepper is a core ingredient of many traditional Chinese dishes.   

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