27 May, 2015

Chinese Verbs For Taking Different Vehicles: 骑 / 坐 / 开

In Mandarin Chinese, the action of taking a vehicle of some kind is described with one of the verbs: (zuò), (qí) or (kāi). 

(zuò) is mosty used for vehicles with seats (in which passengers can sit down), e. g., buses, ships, planes and trains. 

(qí) means "to straddle". This verb is used for bicycles, motorcycles and horses. 

transportation in chinese when to use 骑 / 坐

开车 (kāichē) means "to drive a car". 

In sentences with 坐 / 骑 the following pattern is often used: 

Subject + 坐 or 骑 + Some context (object and direction) + 去 or 来

wǒ zuò fēi jī dào qīng dǎo qù 
I went to Qingdao by plane. 

tā qí zì xíng chē lái zhè lǐ 
She has come here by bicycle.

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