28 May, 2015

Chinese Words Beginning With 双 (shuāng)

Remember that post about words beginning with (dān)? Now it is time to compare the usage of and
双 (shuāng) is a another good example of a morpheme with strong word-building ability. As a prefix, it means “two-”, ”bi-”, “double”, etc. 

chinese words beginning with shuang

More examples: 
双重 – shuāng chóng – dual, duality 
双打 – shuāng dǎ – doubles (in sport) 
双杠 – shuāng gàng – parallel bars 
双关语 – shuāng guān yǔ – pun (a phrase that could have two meanings or be understood in two different ways) 
双轨铁路 – shuāng guǐ tiě lù – double-track railway 
双全 – shuāng quán – duplex 
双刃剑 – shuāng rèn jiàn – double-edged sword 
双生 – shuāng shēng – twins 
双喜临门 – shuāng xǐ lín mén – two happy events in a family (when happen simultaneously) 
双管齐下 – shuāng guǎn qí xià – to do two things at a time; to approach a problem from two different angles (literally: “to paint holding two brushes”)

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