23 June, 2015

8 Ways To Say That You Are In A Hurry

急遽 – jí jù – rapid, sudden, urgent; in a hurry 
仓促 – cāng cù – hastily, hurriedly 
匆忙 – cōng máng – hasty, hurried 
急忙 – jí máng – hurried; impetuously; rashly 
急急 – jí ji – hurriedly, hastily, in a rush 
连忙 – lián máng – promptly, at once 
赶快 – gǎn kuài – haste; at once, immediately 
急切 – jí qiè – in a hurry; with anxiety

Remember that in Chinese language some adjectives may be reduplicated to make them sound stronger. Here are great examples of reduplication of two-syllable adjectives: 
急急忙忙 – jí jí máng máng – in great haste 
匆匆忙忙 – cōng cōng máng máng – in a hurry, hastily

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