21 June, 2015

"Sleeping In Hot Weather" Joke (With Grammar Points)

A: 这么热,你怎么睡得着啊? 
zhè me rè, nǐ zěn me shuì de zháo a 
It is so hot! How can you get to sleep? 

B: 热晕过去就睡着了。 
rè yūn guò qù jiù shuì zháo le 
Faint from heat and then fall asleep. 

See below the grammar notes for this joke!

这么 (zhè me) / 那么 (nà me) With Adjectives

这么 (zhè me) / 那么 (nà me) is placed before adjectives to increase their extent: 

Subject (can be omitted) + 这么/那么 + Adjective 

tā zhè me piào liang 
She is so beautiful! 
zhè me rè 
So hot! 

NOTE: What is the difference between 这么 and 那么?
这么 is mainly used when the object is close by. If it is far from you, it would be more natural to use 那么. 

Asking “How to” with 怎么 

怎么 (zěn me) is one of the Chinese question words. It is used to ask how. One of the most common ways of using 怎么 (zěn me): 

Subject (can be omitted) + 怎么(zěn me) + Verb + Object 

nǐ zěn me shuì de zháo 
How can you get to sleep? 
tā zěn me zuò zhè dào cài 
How does he cook this dish? 

Subject can be omitted or replaced with an object: 
zěn me bàn 
How to do? 
zhè ge zhōng wén zěn me shuō 
How to say this in Chinese?

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