01 July, 2015

Difference between 弹, 拉 and 吹

In Chinese, there is big difference between the words related to playing musical instruments. 弹, 拉 andare not interchangeable. Each of them is used in specific cases where others do not apply. 
1) (tán) means to "to play by hand", e. g.: 
弹钢琴 - tán gāng qín - to play the piano 
弹琵琶 - tán pípa - to play the pipa (Chinese lute) 
is used with keyboard and plucked string instruments. 
2) (lā) is translated as "to pull" or "to play with a bow", so is commonly used for bow string instruments: 
拉二胡 - lā èrhú - to play the erhu (Chinese musical instrument) 
拉小提琴 - lā xiǎotíqín - to play the violin 
3) - chuī - "to play a musical instrument by mouth" and is used for wind instruments. 
吹小号 - chuī xiǎo hào - to play the trumpet

Try to match the correct pairs:

弹 拉 吹 difference


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